Welcome to Zoetse!

A bit of history…

The summer of 2021 means a new challenge for our family: the acquisition of a chocolate shop in the heart of Ghent… Sometimes you have to jump and we all did that! Zoetse has started on the Groentenmarkt 19 since 1 July.

It entailed a lot, but the search for a suitable name was the most exciting. Our uncle “Amigo” Alain came up with the original Zoetse, Ghent for ‘sweet’, and that turned out to be the perfect name for a chocolate shop or coffee house with sweets.

Morgane created the logo, Xavier did the finishing touch. Jan took care of all kinds of electronic situations and is the advisor in all technical needs, Xavier designed the beautiful menu and the website. Morgane takes care of the shop windows. Delphine and Morgane provide the social media, Grego the spotify list.

Delphine recruits job students, makes timetables, keeps an eye on stock and is the turbo power in the business. Grego combines his music career as a drummer with Vonnis, Mathlovsky, Modder, Barst and Lalma with 2 days Zoetse a week. Morgane has been fully operational since December 1 2021 and has an eye for quality care and finishing. Sarah is our flexi at busy times. Mama Annick joins in wherever she can. And the numbers … they are managed by papa Michel.

Zoetse therefore guarantees a super team !

In order to highlight the roots as a Ghent business, after a tip from Charlie’s tours, we added the ironed mastel to the map. This is a typical Ghent specialty but is not often offered. At Zoetse you can enjoy it, natural or with an apple, a scoop of ice cream or another topping. It all tastes equally delicious!

Hot drinks are not only accompanied by a delicious Valentino praline, but also by a typical Ghent vuile talluure or a lutsepoepke. Come on in and have a taste !

Feel free to take our card with you that is at the cash register. Maybe you have one with a typical Ghent quote on it.Geweun Gentsch or vree wijs!

Enjoy !

Zoetse team en verhaal